La Graciosa Summer Clinics 2021

Dear Opti Sailors,
We have good news for you!
We have planned 2 training clinics, 6 days each to be held in beautiful La Graciosa Island.
La Graciosa is the eighth canary island, well known by sailors due to great weather
conditions, waves and also the crystalline blue waters and paradise virgin landscapes!
Book your spot as soon as possible as places are limited!*
Clinic 1 – 19 to 24 July 2021 (Mon to Sat)
Clinic 2 – 26 to 31 July 2021 (Mon to Sat)
*Maximum 15 sailors/clinic

Jonás de la Cruz
Ramón Aixemeno

Conditions / Programme 2021
Not included. Sailors are expected to attend accompanied by parents / tutor.
*Atlantis will provide support and information if needed

Sailors Arrival
Arrecife (ACE) Lanzarote is the destination airport before reaching Orzola, village at the
North of Lanzarote, to then board on the 30 minutes ferry to arrive to La Graciosa.

Training Programme
Each clinic will be held during 6 days with an average of 4 hours sailing per day
Sailing will be intensive and in ideal conditions according to weather and wind forecast
We will be doing specific exercises but also daily competition to keep up with racing skills.

Sailors are expected to bring their own picnic daily that they can leave at the coaches rib on
the water. Also, each coach will have on the rib fresh fruits and water available.

What do you need to bring?
Daily temperature in July will be around 22°- 28° Celsius. There may be some cloudy days
and the odd fresh night so do not forget to bring long trousers and jacket together with
summer clothes.

You will also need sport shoes and thongs, and of course sun cream, lipstick, mustique repellent, tooth paste….
If you are chartering a boat you should bring your own sail, wind indicator, mast lock and 4 loops system main sheet.

Theory sessions will be held outside to respect CoVid restrictions.

– Coaching 90 EUR/day
– Boat Charter* 60 EUR/day`
*Totally equipped, except for wind indicator, mast lock, 4 loops system main sheet.

Payment to be done in advance upon registration confirmation.
**Prizes are VAT 7% excluded

Please fill in the form here!

Security Protocol Covid 19
We should follow rules and restrictions in place to be notified before clinic dates, as per
Government and Local Authorities regulations.

IMPORTANT: Not compliance with Covid-19 measure will be immediate reason for expulsion.