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Canary Islands are the perfect spot for trainings during winter and all year. During Winter minimum temperature is 16° and during the day you can easily stay over 24°. Rain is very very rare and WIND statistics are SUPER! NorthEast trade winds hit Canary islands all year making these islands a sailing paradise.

All kinds of waves and big tides make it a very challenging place perfect to improve sailing skills. Canary Islands’ Clubs and Sailors come from a very high level  and great results tradition. High quality standards and big amount of hours of training will ensure you the perfect mix to improve and train.

Our home base is in Lanzarote, Arrecife, 10 minutes from the Airport.
Sailing 50mts you will be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean ready to start your session. Our aim is not only to join our home base in Lanzarote but to move and organize clinics in other islands participating also to races organized by Clubs. Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura can be in our plans, check always our chalendar!

Parents can enjoy holidays in these volcanic islands full of things to do and to visit. Canary Islands are easy to reach from all over Europe with every day flights.

Contact us for all informations you need.