Tacking duels, an exciting strategy game

Atlantis Academy by Simone Ricci has partnered with tacking duels which is an exciting strategy game for those who love sail racing! This is an amazing board game specifically designed for sailors, young and sailing masters. The game promotes the importance of developing strategies in rapidly changing weather conditions and using adaptable tactics to engage in duels with other boats.

The game can also be used as a coaching aid to teach strategy, tactics and the racing rules of sailing through hands-on interaction. You can play the shifts, give dirty air, play the current, go for a gust and take risks. Like in real-life sailing, the game is self-regulated and it is up to each player to enforce the rules of sailing and protest!

tacking duels is a premium customisable product that is beautifully crafted from marine-quality material. It is completely waterproof, sun proof and sea proof. You can personalise the wooden board with your own choice of engraving. You can also choose your own colour for the bags which are made from industrial strength material using recycled manufacturing waste.

tacking duels is handmade in Cyprus and Greece from sustainable material and ethical production. To learn more about tacking duels and their values, and to order a game go to


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If you LOVE sail racing, then you will LOVE tacking duels!