La Graciosa Island: Optimist trainings in July

Dear Sailor,

Long time no sailing, but the best is yet to come, we have good news for you because this year we have 3 weeks of sailing at Isla de la Graciosa, Spain.

Probably you saw at the news that this Island is free of COVID 19, and they are glad to receive us.  We are adapted to the new rules!

Training dates:

                Week 1:               June 28th to july 4th 2020.

                Week 2:               July 5th to 11th 2020.

                Week 3:               July 12th to 18th 2020.

Which is the program?

Sailor arrivals:

Sailors must fly to Arrecife Airport (ACE).

The official arrival days are Sunday 28th , 5th and 12th.

There will be organization staff waiting the kids at the airport, to transfer them to Isla de La Graciosa.

Training days:

We are going to sail plenty hours in ideal conditions, weatherwise and windwise.  We will do plenty of specific drills but also racing everyday to keep competitive.

The training is 5 complete days, from monday to friday.

Sailors Departure:

Saturday is the official departure day. We have the transfer already organized.

*Transfers Airport – La Graciosa and La Graciosa – Airport are scheduled at weekends. From Monday to Friday the Organization doesn’t have the same facilities. In case you have to fly during the week we can try to help you with the transfer, but we don’t commit to.

Coming alone or with companion?

You  have both options, we have separated entry fees to adapt to your necessities.

You can book separately the training, the accommodation, the meals and the charter boat. In case you come with your family we can help you with the accommodation but we don’t commit to. 

Our Accommodation:

We have 4 house to accommodate Sailors and coaches. These houses are at Caleta de Sebo Town, Isla de La Graciosa. The Sailors boat park / ramp is just 1 min from the houses.


We are very concerned about healthy food. We chose honest food and also a good combination of Carbohydrates, Protein and good fats. We offer breakfast, midday snack, Picnic cold or hot, afternoon snack and dinner.

What do I need to bring to the Island?

Weather is about  22º y 28º, but some cloudy days and some night is a bit fresh, so don’t forget long pants and a jacket, and summer clothes mainly.

Also bring sport shoes apart from the flip flops.

And your sun cream, lipstick, antimosquitos, toothbrush….

*In case you rent a boat, you will have to bring your own sail, mainsheet and blocks, sprit system and wind indicator. 

Where can I do my entry?

Click here

*For more information contact to

The coaches Jonás y Ramon send greetings to you. You are doing a good choice, this Island has a very special energy.