Two wonderful weeks in Lanzarote

Here we are… just finished the 2 clinics in Lanzarote from 18 until 29 of February. More than 30 different kids join our trainings in this fantastic island. First of all we want to thank and congratulate to all of them for their behaviour and the passion and effort they put everyday in water and ashore. Lot of respect, friendship and smiles made the perfect ambient to develop an high level and quality clinic. Thanks to parents because without you your kids were not there to play the most beautiful sport in the world with the best coaches. Thanks to all people who got involved in the organization helping coaches, kids and parents!

On 10 scheduled days of training we had the possibility to go in water 9 times with never less than 12 knots. On 2 days of race scheduled we miss one but we did 4 incredible races with wind and waves! Perfection doesn’t exist and we took 2 days of sandstorm from Sahara, the biggest of lasts 20 years…something is changing and we must learn to respect and love what we have.  Temperature was always perfect around 20 24 degrees and this make sailing a real pleasure. We work and discussed upon many things of sailing, technique, strategy and tactic, trim, rules, mentality, feelings, intensity, priorities, risk management and so on…we hope to have stimolate and add something new to all of these sailors!

We suggest to always play another sport or physical preparation because to be strong, resistant and health will make you take more clear decisions and will make you sail faster! Sailing has been great and we are so excited about these days! Our congrats also to their respective coaches at their clubs because these kids are well prepared and focus!

Now it’s time to work on lasts things and arrive prepared for trials in your countries. We wish and suggest to sail and race always having fun and at the same time with consistency… let’s dream! We hope to see you all at Worlds and European but if not we hope you will work hard again always because sailors are made to never give up! Get ready for next activities this summer in Canary Islands, Rome and Garda! And don’t forget that winter in Canary Islands doesn’t exist so from October we hope to have you all again sailing in the ocean!