Garda Meeting 2023


  • 1-5 April 2023 CLINIC (5 days*) focus on Racing and Boat Handling.
  • 6-9 April 2023 RACE GARDA MEETING (4 days). Biggest race in the World with more than 1000 Optimist.

*5 April all activities will finish at 1pm to give enough rest to all sailors before the big event. Our schedule may vary due to weather conditions. No problem if somebody want to take full rest (it will depends from conditions we sail in the previous days of training and the forecast for next days of racing).

Fraglia Vela Riva – Riva del Garda – Italy

Reserved boats area inside the marina of the Club Fraglia Vela Riva together with local team and other fews. Exclusive theory room inside the Club for Video Sessions.


HEAD COACH Simone Ricci – 2 Gold Medals, 2 Silver Medals, 1 Bronze Medal over all in past Garda Meetings
Mauro Berteotti – 3 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal over all in past Garda Meetings
Riccardo De Felice – 2 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal over all in past Garda Meetings
Jonas De La Cruz

From Medium to High. Motivated sailors able to sail a proper course and able to sail with strong wind for 4 hours session.
Young sailors are welcome if highly motivated and with good abilities and experiences.
Our Staff can decide to don’t bring in the water some sailor not able enough in order to maintain the safety of the sailor and of all the group always high.


  • Clinic : 700,00€ +4% Italian Tax
  • Race Coaching Garda Meeting * : 480,00€ + 4% Italian Tax

*Don’t forget to register to the Race by yourself on

** Cadetti Sailors (born 2013-2014) could be assigned to local Cadetti Team of Fraglia Vela Riva for the RACE. It will depend from numbers.


WHAITING LIST. For more information send a e-mail to

  • You will receive a confirmation mail that will explain you when to pay the 250,00€ + 4% to book your spot.
  • On January you will receive the invoice and bank details to pay the first part refundable until 28 February 2023.
  • On March you will be contacted for the rest of full payment of the ONLY CLINIC or ONLY RACE or CLINIC+RACE
  • *Charter Boats will follow different process of payment.


    • Clinic: 250,00€
    • Race Garda Meeting: 200,00 €

    Until we can provide in order of booking. Extra boats by other providers can have different prices.
    PAYMENT : you will be contacted for it.

    09:30 to 17:30 every day except for 5 April that could be 08:30 to 13:00. *
    Normal daily session on water will be 4 hours to 5 hours according to weather conditions.
    Briefing and Debriefing every day.

    * Meeting time and schedule could change every day due to weather conditions.

    Simone Ricci will be the Head Coach for the entire Clinic with the help of World Class and Olympic Games Coaches like Jonas, Mauro and Riccardo.
    We are preparing kids for the biggest event in the World. Crazy Starts, big line with 3 Race Committee vessels, big leverages and risks, high level sailors, unique in the world sailing conditions…we could list infinite aspects to describe this event that can be difficult but at least one life time experience.
    This is why we can call this Clinic a RACING CLINIC WITH FOCUS ON BOAT HANDLING.
    Our Team have big experience on Lake Garda and in Running Big Clinics.
    Everything we do has already been tested in past events and all people were happy and learnt a lot.

    • Sailors can be split into groups that will rotate with all Top 4 Coaches for the specific drills.
    • Groups can be together with 2 top coaches for other drills.
    • Sailors will sail all together training races, drills by trophies or exercises where is request the big number of sailors all together.
    • No complaints accepted on groups composition that will change everyday or more than one time in a day

    We have lot of material of past Optimist Champions on Lake Garda to show to kids and improve their skills. Other coaches will help us for safety and for better quality trainings.

    Simone Ricci will be supervisor and responsible of briefings / debriefings.
    Jonas and Riccardo will be the official Coaches of Atlantis Academy group in water during the race. Everyday in base to numbers we will assign the groups by colors of the fleets to a Coach.
    (Exemple: Yellow and Blu Fleet with Jonas, Red and Green Fleet with Riccardo). In this way we can assist better kids in the prestart and after the race.
    Safety comes first and in this way we can have a better control of the kids.

    Cadetti Sailors can be allocated with local team sailors, and other AA Coaches (depends from numbers and if the Organizers will make 1 course for all groups or 2 different courses). For exemple: in case of a protest, request of redress, scoring inquiry the Coaches for AA Group are Jonas and Riccardo. If you want to register a Cadetti (2013 2014) first text us please.
    Simone and Mauro will be there with their teams assisting Atlantis Academy sailors when necessary and sharing  tips and feedbacks and local knowledge.
    All 4 of our Expert Coaches will be connected by VHF to share strategy and safety.
    Simone will make briefing and debriefing together with Mauro, Jonas and Riccardo about the day.
    All sailors will be provided of tracking system METASAIL by the organizers and this will make it still safer.
    Past year, in the 2022 edition Atlantis Academy Sailors took a silver medal with Alessandro Cirinei from Italy and a Bronze Medal with Levi Bernhardtz from Sweden.

    We don’t provide accommodation. We can help you to find the best solution…ask if you need!

    We don’t provide food. Each sailor will bring his food and drink on the Rib everyday.

    Parents are welcome but we kindly ask to not stay in boats area and not to rig and derig. No parents on water.

    Simone Ricci +39 340 3506427 (whatsapp)